Case 1



Kodak is a two year old, neutered male Dalmation. Kodak lived in California until August. He was transported to Alabama by commercial airline.


A few days after his arrival in Alabama, Kodak started vomiting and stopped eating. The owners brought him in for an examination. Kodak presented with the following signs: depressed, elevated third eyelids, normal heart, normal lungs, abdomen - bloated and painful to the touch.


At first we thought that he might have a stomach GDV or gastrointestinal foreign body. We did the following:

  1. Xray - fluid density abdomen
  2. Comprehensive blood chemistries
    • HCT - 59.5%, high due to dehydration
    • WBC - 21.55m/mm3, high due to infection/stress
    • BUN - 125, high
    • Creatinine - 7.4, high
    • K+ - 8.3, high
    • Amylase - 1547, high

Kodak was started on a shock-rate dose of IV fluids and immediately taken to surgery. Once we were in the abdomen, there was unexpected fluid in the abdomen. The intestines were bright red, a sign of shock; this meant that Kodak was dying on the table. We put another catheter in and gave him 2 doses of fluids, again at the shock rate. This improved his gastrointestinal color.

Looking further to discover the root cause, we found that Kodak had a ruptured bladder. We removed the dead tissue and sutured the bladder back together.

Kodak was kept on fluids for 4 days to bring enzyme levels back to normal range. A urinary catheter was placed to prevent the bladder from becoming over-extended. When urinary catheter was removed, we determined he had stones in his urethra. Kodak was taken to surgery again to remove the stones


We are happy to report that Kodak is doing wonderful. He is on a special diet to prevent the recurrence of stones, and he will be on medication for a while to help prevent stones also.

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