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Toby, a 13-year-old domestic long hair cat,  presented at another veterinary hospital for a dental. Pre-surgical bloodwork was performed and showed evidence of renal impairment. A urinalysis was also conducted and showed blood in the urine, suggesting urinary tract infection (UTI). Toby's teeth were cleaned and medication was dispensed. A re-check was done on blood and urine; the blood still showed renal impairment. Toby's owners were instructed to give subcutaneous fluids once per week.


Toby came to us for a second opinion. The owner said Toby was starting to not tolerate the subcutaneous fluid injections. Toby has no history of vomiting, lethargy, or decreased appetite, and her urinary habits were normal.


We performed the following:

  • Physical exam - normal.
  • X-ray of abdomen - kidneys normal.
  • Comprehensive bloodwork
    • BUN - 50 (normal 7-25)
    • CREA - 3.7 (normal 0.3-1.3)
    • Glucose - 154 (normal 60-110)
  • CBC (red/white count) - normal.
  • Unable to get urine.


Chronic renal failure.


None at this time. If at anytime Toby starts to vomit or stop eating, we will repeat bloodwork. If bloodwork shows increased enzyme levels (renal function), we will start her on IV fluids. Otherwise, six-month interval bloodwork checks are recommended.


We suspect the chronic renal failure was enhanced by the dental disease Toby was suffering from. This is one of the many reasons good dental care is important for your pet.


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